dot, stripe, dot, stripe

I know! I'm really going to stop wearing polka dots! but I seriously cannot help it.  I wear a lot of polka dots (like here, here) because I love them.  I recently bought a polka dot dress from Karla's Closet! I can't wait for it to arrive it's vintage!  This item would be my first vintage item ever, can you believe it??! I know.  Today was super cold (not really) but I decided to wear a skirt (above the knee too) because I found this skirt in the back of my closet and decided to wear it instead of jeans.  I decided to wear my new Vince Camuto oxfords (mentioned here) as well.  It is unbelievable how comfortable they are and how easy to walk in them it is. 

no name skirt, Jeanne Pierre sweater, 
Vince Camuto Oxfords