Floral Wish


I spent the weekend cleaning my yard, which was not fun because I got sick and was in bed all day Sunday.  I enjoyed Saturday afternoon outside our home with friends and family celebrating my parents nuptials! I was so happy that they finally decided to get married after been together for 12 years.  It was a great day! While being sick in bed I got thought about going shopping.  I am so excited about going shopping it seems that I have not been in ages and I already have in mind a list of things I wish to buy this Spring.

1. Blouse with Little Flowers Zara $39.90 2. Floral Dress Zara $39.90 3. Floral Print Silk Jumpsuit Rebecca Taylor $375 4. Floral-print silk crepe de Chine pants Emma Cook $405 5. Overdye Floral Dress Delia*s $39.50 6. Blouson Mujerr Mango $49.90 7. Mirrored Magnolia Ring Kelly Framel $175 8. Vintage Tapestry Carpet Purse Modcloth $34.99 9. Internship Interview Wedge Modcloth $141.99 (only two left!)