I ♥ Hue

For me to find the perfect lipstick hue is the hardest thing when it comes to beauty shopping.  I rely on magazines to tell me what my options are based on my skin tone but the couple of times that I have taken their advice it has not worked out and I end up very disappointed.  Last week, I was going through my old magazines and in my February issue of InStyle I saw a spread on lipsticks.  I was very intrigued and very anxious to go to the store and buy my new lipsticks at the same time because I really wanted to try all of the different hues.  To my delight they all look perfect and just how I imagined they would and even though I only bought three out of the five mentioned I was astounded to see how well they look.

1. L'oréal True Red 2.Maybelline Warm Me Up 3. SoniaKashuk Nectar

P.S. They look great on every skin tone!!!!