Rooms: Bedroom, Office

The spreads of House Beautiful enamored me with every color, design, and room.  At every turn of turn of a page I found myself wondering if this room was designed for me (wouldn't that be awesome!).  Starting with the first bedroom (clockwise), I love the armchair with its beautiful fabric but  the headboard was what  caught my eye really, though.  This room is romantic and has some Victorian touches (drawer!).  The second bedroom is very much not my style but I was charmed by it, I couldn't stop staring at it (look at that wallpaper!). The third bedroom has my favorite nightstand.  I love the vintage suitcases, it's a unique touch for decorating your room.  When I saw this bedroom I instantly thought of Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  She decorated her guest room with vintage suitcases (here).  And finally, the modern and romantic take in this room is beautiful.  Love the pops of pink (who knew?!)

I love the ocean view in the first office (left to right) and it seems as if one would be so relaxed and calm while working here.  The second office screams busy, busy, busy to me, which I kind of dislike ( I'm not a workaholic) but that lamp and framed wall do it for me, they are amazing.  Finally, the last office, this office is my favorite.  I love vintage desks and this one is a winner plus who wouldn't like this office with that huge mirror in the back?!