Dress: ?? ¦ Cardigan: Target ¦ Brogues: F21 ¦ Bag: J.Crew

Hi!! It has been a great week so far! Super duper excited about the weekend (don't know why really???)!  So, I have already started updated my closet to Autumn! I pull out my stockings, which I really don't have much, well I actually do but they all are kind of neutral (blah).  And today I came to the realization that I need wellies! It was pouring today (finally) and that is great because Anderson needed rain! I walk to work so I loved it! (my work is across the street from my house).

My go-to rain boot shop is LL Bean! I like this one and this one.  But I am so undecided because I work in an office I can't just walk in my office wearing wellies, know what I mean? So, I have some thinking to do...


This is the outfit I wore while helping my friend take some very special photos!  I believe this is the first time that I wear this dress with a carding over it.  I like it but now that I look back I wish I had worn another color to give amp it up! but I like it anyways, I was like going Green!