This is a little DIY project that I did a while back but I just now got the opportunity to hang the pictures on my wall.  What I did is that I got a calendar that I had in my closet and I cut out the pictures and framed them! I didn't have to spend a lot of bob buying actual portraits that would have cost a lot of bob! I only spent like $8 for the frames and I had the rest!  And what I like the most is that it was a Barbie calendar!! I didn't want for those pictures to go to waste!

Photobucket So, first I got my calendar!!

Photobucket I outlined the size of the frames!

Photobucket I cut the pictures!

Photobucket Then I framed them!

Photobucket It was super-duper easy!! Sorry that some of the pictures looked yellow. This is due to doing the project at night.

So, in conclusion all you have to do is buy you some frames and if you have an old calendar you are attached to but don't know that to do with it, here is an option! Have a great day!!!!