Give Me Everything

Hi there!!!  Like I mentioned in yesterdays post, I have been reading a few new (new to me) amazing blogs.  I was clicking trough Teen Vogues Fashion Click and I found these two amazing girls.  Here is a great place to discover lovely blogs due to the list of blogs being super long.  Amongst the variety and pretty faces these two caught my eye instantly!

First, Raspberry and Red.  Let me start by saying that when I first saw Weronika she reminded me of Ellen Page.  Do you not think they look a little alike? I do.  I love how Weronika can be a tomboy one day and transition to an effortless chic girlie ensemble the next day. Check her out here!

Secondly, Kenzie Faith.  Kenzie's style is super cute!! I love all of her skirts and shoes.  Her photos are so fun and pretty! If you like chronicles you will like this girl. Check her out here!