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In Desperate Need of Some Bob!!!!!

shirt: Ann Taylor ¦ skirt: Delia*s ¦ shoes: American Eagle

Today while reading one of my favorite blogs from Carrie of the adorable, cute, and unique Wish Wish Wish,  I was reminded of the word bob.  I guess in the UK the say bob instead of money and/or cash.  I though this was only in movies and well I was wrong, which I like.  I have told myself that from now on I will say bob instead of cash and/or money! How cool is that???! I'm excited about it! I guess I am a bit silly I always wished I was English! This is my chance!!!


And talking about bob, I really am in desperate need of some! There are so many things I wish to buy! I need a desk! What I really want is to go to a really nice flea market, which there aren't none around here to my disgrace but maybe one Saturday I will get the opportunity to go to the one here and maybe find a vintage looking one!

In desperate need of some bob!!!!

In desperate need of some bob!!!!

Indesperade need of some bob!!!!