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La Cima del Cielo

dELiA*s dress, dELiA*s shoes, J.Crew cardigan, J.Crew bag, MK watch

Hello there!! I had a pretty good weekend.  I help a friend take some pictures which was kind of awesome! I had fun.  The photos required balloons and it was funny because our friend had to hold them all the way to the park.  Whilst taking the picture was pretty fun I have to admit that it was tiresome and I never though that finding a right spot to take photos would be so hard for there is always people.  Also, I could not believe that we had a couple of teenagers come up to us asking for balloons.  It was hysteric.

Another great part of my weekend was going to see The Lion King 3D.  I was pretty excited about this, I mean who doesn't like this movies.  Anyways,  I cried like I always do when watching this movie.  It's heartbreaking when Lion dad lays dead and Lion kid cuddled in his arms asking him to wake up knowing that he no longer will.  That is such a tender moment.  I also quite enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of parents that had taken their kids to see the movie and to hear them laugh and quote the movies was pretty amazing.

[look at all of those pretty balloons!]


[beautiful scenery]


[a yummy cheesecake with apricot]