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Okay, so I am no garden person but my sister and me have really been planning for the loooongest time to grow a vegetable garden.  I'm quite excited about this little project of ours but nervous at the same time too.  My sister got a blackberry tree a while back and she let it die! yeah! you see why I am nervous about this.  I on the other hand have no idea how to grow a garden so I guess will have to buy a book and get on to reading!

Here is another idea of what I would like for our garden to look like!


Now here are some herbs that we will surely grow!

Oregano because we use this quite a bit!

Mint! We even use mint for drinks and pretty decor!

Lavender Hmm... what a pretty smell!

Garlic! I hate garlic but we needed for cooking

Basil of course!

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