Piledriver Waltz

After four days without Internet we finally resolved that problem! One never actually realizes how much they need the Internet until you don't have it! It's rough.  Now that I am back in business I have a smile on my face, literally.  I have to be thankful to my iPhone for keeping me up to date if not I would have really been miserable.

While disconnected from the world (not really) I had time to discover a few favorite blogs.  I love discovering hidden gems! I get so excited and I read through them kind of fast but I do make my way back and take my time reading every single post and admiring the photos.  My new obsessions are Vintage inspired blogs.  These girls really amaze me with their style and uniqueness.  They demonstrate that designer clothes and spending $$$ is not necessary to be stylish.

I organized my magazines

Tried to watch the U.S Open in between jobs! (go Djokovic!!!!)