I Pledge

Ok so after I read this post from The Beauty Department I pledge to really try to do this.  But after really giving it a thought and thinking "really? can I do this?" I was sure I could not pledge to this.  I honestly don't take care of my skin as I should which is a shame! I really try but I have a problem finding the right moisturizer and I mean, who doesn't?  My skin is oily and dry.  I have a combo and it is very irritating because as of yet I have still not found the one moisturizer to keep me happy.  Another thing is that I have so much trouble finding what I need like a hydrating mist! I look for that and I swear I about went crazy looking for it! I think I just don't look hard enough.

I'm certain I am not the only one that has problems with this.  But still I will pledge to take care of my skin specially during harsh winter from now on!

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