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Waiting for Spring

No, my hammock does not look like the one in the picture and my garden, which is not really a garden, does not look like that.  Still, I like looking at that photo and thinking that soon we'll put our hammock up and I will get to rest outside and enjoy some peace, feel the breeze!!! I really can't wait.  We really are planning to start our own vegetable garden (bed) too but I don't even know when the right time to star doing that is.

Can't wait to have a cookout and get to sit at our trunk stools!!! My uncle made them for us along with a bench!

This is one of the pretty small trees that we have that has pretty red/pink flowers.  I don't know much about threes but right now it is kind of naked

This plant was a gift from my boss and I brought it home and left it in my room where there is no sunlight and I always forgot to water it so it was dying... felt terrible because I really liked the bucket it comes in and it looks so nice.  So, I brought it outside for it to get some sun and to get better.  I hope that helps it!

this is my lavender plant that I bought a while back (seen here).  This one is I really killed.  It made my room smell so good!! I still have hope that maybe it will bloom

My dog looking out the door... waiting for spring too so he can go outside...

The scarf I will miss the most because is the one I used most! It kept me so warm.

Happy Friday!!!!! So excited about the weekend!! we are going to the mountains! ... again... I will take lots of pictures