What I Wish I had Done

this weekend went by so fast! I was so tired all the time I was not sure my eyes could stay open any bit longer and I just wished for my bed.  I didn't do anything special really just had errands to run and cleaning to do etc.  although sunday was a pretty good day, we went to some friends house for Romania and the food was amazing! but i found myself wanting to close my eyes and wishing I was in my bed most of the time while there.  One thing that I really wanted to do and I didn't get a chance to was go see The Vow!! ugh!!!! so upsetting... I want to go see !

I am currently obsessed with this song again! I just want to go see them in concert so badly!! their music makes me so happy and watching them perform live here just brightens my day (night really) hope you enjoy this song as mush as I do!! Coldplay best bad ever!!!