Adorable bits

Walking downtown is quite relaxing and distracting as well. I never realized how much I like it before and now it seems that that is the only place I want to visit. I love the shops and people, the park is the best around and I love to just kind of sit and read or write take photos, sounds kind of boring but to me its the best time spent.  Here are some cute things I love from my last visit.

Cute little yellow owl! I regret not buying this.  I am not sure what it was for but it looked like a pencil holder to me and I love the color and the size was perfect.

This is exactly what I need to save some money!

Delicious Red Velvet cupcake from the cutest coffee shop!

Is she not adorable!!!?? She is huge too and so lovely

One of my favorite Mexican pastries.  I love the shredded coconut and the cream cheese filling

I'm Mexican and sometimes we just want to go out and find a taqueria to eat but here is SC that is a bit hard to find.  Well, recently we discovered this little place with the best not homemade tacos.  They were so good!! (my moms are still the best though)