Blue Flowers

TN Con Paloma 2012 314 forever 21 sweater (similar style) | delia*s dress (similar dress), boots (similar boots) | j. crew tight (similar tights)

These photos were taken in TN while shopping.  I love the outlet there.  It's such a beautiful place and I just love walking around sipping coffee, eating ice cream, taking a break and sitting down.  It's just a fabulous place.

This week has gone by so fast I don't know where the days went.  My laundry is still in my room waiting to get done and will probably sit there for another couple of days.  This weekend the family is hitting the road again on a trip to Charleston and I'm so excited about it! Happy Friday!!

TN Con Paloma 2012 324

TN Con Paloma 2012 315

TN Con Paloma 2012 325