Summer - Isme Swimsuits

Choose the Perfect Swimwear for Your Body Type If you always struggle to find swimwear that suits you, it could be because you’re buying the wrong styles for your figure. If you buy based on your body shape, you’ll always find swimwear that makes you look and feel great – no matter what shape or size you are. Follow these tips to find the perfect swimwear for you!

The Hourglass   

Most people wish they had an hourglass figure, but buying the right swimsuit for an hourglass frame can be hard – mainly because hourglass women tend to have bigger chests. If you don’t mind flashing the flesh, choose a bikini with plenty of support up top. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly fiddle about with strings or straps. If you prefer a one-piece, avoid strapless styles as they give very little chest support and can make your shoulders look wider too.

The Apple   

If you’re larger around the middle and don’t have much of a waist, you might want to choose a costume that gives the illusion of a slimmer midriff. Choose a swimsuit with a belt or band around the waist to help you look more cinched-in. A one-piece with side panels in a contrasting colour will also create an instantly slimming look. Avoid bikinis, as they will draw attention to your middle, rather than disguising it.

The Pear   

If you’re larger around your hips, thighs and bum, there are lots of clever ways to cover up the bits that you don’t like and still look confident. Choose a high leg one-piece or bikini brief to help elongate your legs, and avoid wearing busy patterns on your bottom half. One great trick is to choose plain bikini bottoms and a patterned top, which will draw the eye to the top half of your body. If you wear a one-piece, choose something with thicker straps to help balance out your body.

Tall and Thin   

If you’re tall and thin with a small chest, it can be hard to find swimwear that enhances your assets and accentuates what you’ve got. To give the illusion of more rounded hips, choose a one-piece or bikini with a skirt to help add volume to your bottom half. Styles with under-wiring and support will also be a good option, helping to push your assets up. Avoid bandeau style tops or costumes as they’ll flatten out your chest and make it look even smaller. Take a look at the Isme ladies swimwear range for some inspiration.