Shoe Organization

Shoes take a very special place in our wardrobe, therefore they must have a very special place in it.  I saw these photos in one of my Lucky Mags and I fell in love with the decorating ideas on how to store your shoes.  Now, I am in no means capable of accomplishing this because I do not have enough space in my already cramped bedroom to do this but oh how I wish...

The first option to display your shoes as if you would your china.  What you need is a bookcase that screams "this is so totally me".  Make you shoes books arranged by color, texture, or style.  Just have fun.  I found this bookcase with glass doors  that is perfect for your library of shoes!

Second option is to store your collection in boxes and label them!! Take a photograph and place it on the outside that way it will be much simpler to find shoes.  These boxes are perfect and they come in two colors!

Lastly,  photo ledges, crazy I know but when looking at them they actually look amazing hanging and it would be a super easy access.  You could hang your dress to see which pair you would use!

Decor, ShoesSamira Reyes