Lovely Bits

Is he not adorable!!! When he comes in my room the first thing he does is look for the basket of dirty clothes and get in.  I guess it is super comfortable for him to sleep in it or maybe the smell of dirty clothes soothes him... hope is not the latter.

These are my friendship bracelets that I adore.  We got together one afternoon and after realizing that we didn't have a friendship "bracelet/ring" we decided to go for bracelets and we each picked one.

My favorite Jewelmint earrings that I don't wear because they are a bit huge and they hurt my ears

This is the best scent ever! It took me forever to pick one but after a while I went back to my first choice! I love Estee Lauder scents, the best!

A gift.  I love this pendant very much.  It has a very special place in my heart, so do you friend.