It was only just  obvious for me to know that I was going to post about Wimbledon.  Wimbledon is my favourite tournament, it is prestigious, classic, élite... and the attire.  I love that the players have to wear white, which makes the players look sophisticated.

I believe the style of Wimbledon has not changed much it has only been refined for the guys and whimsical for the girls.  I'm always fascinated by Federer's attire, he is at the top.  As for the girls, Sharapova is my favorite, I find her style whimsical and very much girly.  Serena is a favorite as well.

Okay but now let's talk game! Federer vs. Djokovic in the semi final (they are probably playing right now!!!)!!! Djokovic is my favorite player and I of course want for him to win the match! But however... Federer is the best player of all time.  He has a great Grand Slam career and if he were to win Wimbledon it also be splendid.  Ladies! Serena going to the final!!! so happy!! I was very disappointed that Sharapova didn't make it but Serena did so that made things better!