DIY Ribbon Placeholders

I have had my Today is Super Journal for the longest time and I was writing when I first got it but after a while I slowly began to forget about it. And I hate that because I love buying cute notebooks/journals and it seems that I just collect them but I keep buying them. I just can't stop myself.

I have decided that it is time to put my Today is Super Journal back in use and to make it easier to jot down notes and going back to look for them I needed placeholders, which I don't have. So let's DIY! Alright so we need scissors, ribbon, and a glue gun.

I began by inserting the ribbon down the bridge of my journal. I'm doing two ribbons!

Once you have inserted the ribbon securely tie it down the bottom to prevent the ribbon from getting loose.

Measure how long you want your placeholders to be and with your scissors cut the ribbon.

After you cut your ribbon make sure you got your glue gun ready to go. Seal the ribbon at the edge so it does not fray.

Hey!! now we are finished!!! get ready to start writing...

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