Wedding Dressing

While no one should outshine the bride on her big day, that doesn’t stop everyone elsefrom wanting to look gorgeous too, and with more and more couples ditching tradition and opting for less conventional weddings in favour of something more personal, dressing for the occasion has never offered so many possibilities. But there are still a few simple rules to follow when dressing for any wedding that will help make sure you look and feel fantastic on the day – without upsetting the bride.

Don’t wear white

The first rule of wedding dressing. It might sound obvious, but at almost every wedding someone will make this huge fashion faux pas. If it’s not your wedding then white is a definite no, but do play with colour, the brighter the better; it’s a celebration after all.

Follow the dress code

The date and location of the wedding will usually determine what’s appropriate to wear, look for hints on the invitation – formal setting equals formal attire. But if you’re still not sure, just ask. Once you know the dress code, choose appropriately, Berketex has a stunning collection of outfits for any wedding.

Hats on or hats off?

While the mother of the bride should definitely wear a hat, for everyone else it really depends on the style and formality of the wedding. If it’s an informal wedding, consider swapping a traditional hat for a fascinator.

Choose your shoes

Choose wisely when it comes to shoes and double check the invitation. If you’re likely to be spending a large portion outside or walking on grass, you might want to reconsider those cigarette heels. Whatever style you opt for, remember that weddings are often long days and you’ll be on your feet a lot so make sure they’re comfortable.

Don’t rule out a smart pair of wedges for a wedding, particularly if you’ll be walking on a lot of grass!

Ask an expert

If you’re still stumped, don’t worry as help is at hand. The team at teamed up with fashion guru Caryn Franklin recently to host a live style clinic session where she shared her knowledge and wisdom in a live Q&A. Visit the forum to see how Caryn answered the fashion queries at The Coffee Lounge, including tips on what to wear to weddings.

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