Anthropologie Lust

[button link="" size="small"]Anthropologie[/button] never seizes to amaze me with their unique designs and colors. I love the array of colors stamped in the clutch that make it the perfect accessory for a simple but yet sophisticated outfit.

These boots are perfect for the season!! If only they were made affordable too... [divider]

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the boot!

not the same but it works for me!! well this is not even close to it but I would more than happy have these boots! I love the slim strap and that it is wrapped... so it works for me! [/spotlight] [button link=""]DV by Dolce Vita Java boot[/button]


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the clutch!

hey it's colorful too!! ...yeah this is way different but the thing is that it is super colorful and floral. I love the idea of wearing florals during winter! [/spotlight] [button link=""]Floral Envelope Clutch[/button]