Pretty Little Things

20121005-234652.jpg I know that I have mentioned it before that recently I find myself leaning towards pink everything, which does not bother me of course because I love it now. And even though it is autumn and I have waited for it to arrive, I have not transitioned to this seasons' colors.

Okay, so the photos. First, these flats are the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen in my life. I think that I would probably not wear them and just display them on my desk! Can you believe that I have yet to own a Peter Pan collar anything! No dress, no shirt! What I am waiting for? Well, if I were to get one I think that this would be the one that I would want.

Moving on, these flowers are so pretty! I love how they are wrapped up in the paper!! I would just leave them how they are. Next the top!! I really wish I knew where that top is from!! It is gorgeous. I would most definitely wear it with jeans and a trench coat! And well last but not least, pink lips. I used to be in love with orange lipstick but I have recently discovered that I actually don't think that colors flatters me. It's just blah on my lips unlike pink. I really love the glow it radiates! Pure awesomeness!!!

Photos via Pinterest and Tumblr