A little sparkle is all one needs now and then to make your outfit really pop. And a great pair of heels is the best choice to make your outfit pop and give it a girlie touch when your sometimes dressed down for just a casual looks. I would love to wear them just with jeans a plain t-shirt. Another option is to wear it with a tutu, I don't have a tutu but i have wanted one for the longest time and until i find one i think that i will have to just have to wear them with jeans.

I found these on Chiara's site and i loved the way they look. to date i have yet to find a pair that i like but i found several ones that are great for inspiration. I think that the ones that i love the most are the ones from J.Crew of course but they are too pricey for me. I guess that i have to save and maybe one day i will get them... dream until then. [divider] [one_half] [button link="" size="small"]ETTA SEQUIN PUMPS[/button] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [button link="" size="small"]the sidewalk skimmer[/button] [/one_half_last] [divider] [one_half] [button link="" size="small"]NITA STUDDED HEEL[/button] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [button link="" size="small"]GLITTER HIGH HEEL COURT SHOE[/button] [/one_half_last]

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