Table Setting

When having friends over one wants set the table as nicely as possible. I love this table here and this is some thing that I would use for inspiration to give that special occasion a unique feeling. So, I have compiled a few things that I love from some of my favorite online shops. Get ready for a post overload of items! [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="right"]


CASKATA BIRDS AND BRANCHES Designed with the idea that you'll love them enough to use them everyday, each Caskata piece is crafted by the hands of a skilled artisan. Caskata uses the finest bone china and creamy white translucent porcelain (imported from Thailand) - they're delicate to look at but strong enough to last a lifetime. Decorated in lead-free glazes and 23 karat gold and platinum.

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table runner

Silken Stripes Table Runner An elegant addition to any table, this striking, eco-conscious runner is made from eri silk – a vegan-friendly production that, unlike the traditional method, does not involve boiling the silk worm in its cocoon, but rather waits until the moth has emerged. It is then hand-reeled on locally produced bamboo looms by indigenous Bodo women, who incorporate traditional design elements and ancient techniques.

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Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Napkin Greeting dinner guests with a warm welcome, a hand calligraphied “Bon Appetit” is screenprinted in classic navy on this natural linen napkin from Linea Carta.

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pretty straws

Birch Bark Straws Invite the outdoors to your table with these cleverly adorned paper straws. Each straw is patterned with food safe ink to resemble the curling bark of a birch tree. Biodegradable and compostable, these straws are eco-friendly and certain to be a conversation piece at any gathering.

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Red Wine

Frosted Panes Red Wine Glass Get ready to have wine is one special, unique wine glass!

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Something Different

Seaborne Flatware These may not be fancy enough for your table but they are quite special!!


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