Ice Cream

vs 022 Yummy!! I love eating ice cream, milkshakes, and mocha frappes. I usually just eat my ice cream plain but sometimes you want to add a little fun and add some flavor. Usually I always have frozen coffee cubes for when I want to make me a frappe. Thus the straws, I don't use a straw when only eating ice cream. [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="right"]

Made in Spain

Siena Glass Mug these classic café mugs combine an elegant design with the near indestructibility of tempered glass. Use them to serve coffee, latte, cappuccino, tea – even mulled cider.

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Red Straws

W + P DESIGN BARWARE COLLECTION Party perfect. Create cocktails in style with these handsome bar tools by Brooklyn-based W + P Design. Inspired by vintage Americana, they're perfect for adding a hit of southern comfort to your home bar.


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