Things that Make Me Smile

Smile Moments 008 Are you into The Honest Company yet? I surely am. I also started reading The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and I am enjoying her book so much. I ordered the trial bundle and so far I love my five trial products. I recommend you take some time and browse their site. Smile Moments 006

see that!! It is my newest toy and I love it!!! makes my life so much easier and I love that it is compatible with Windows 8, which I love!

Smile Moments 005

I drink coffee every single day about three cups per day sometimes even five! and whilst I would love to go to Starbucks everyday to get me my coffee that is just not possible($$$!!!) but I try to stop by at least once a week for a Frappe! I love their Hazelnut Macchiato

Smile Moments 004

This baby I love! you knew that...

Smile Moments 003

I love my phone too I cannot live without it!

Smile Moments 001

I have started to wear my running shoes more and more often and I don't go running, I just wear them... shame