Places I want to go, Clothes I want to have

poppies[tagline]I saw this photograph and I just fell in love with it! I think this is the kind of place I would love to live in. I love the glow of the pavement... today surely is a beautiful day! sunny with a breeze that caresses your cheeks and just makes you want to lay down outside and enjoy a nap or just close your eyes and if you have trees around your home the better. You can't ask for a better shade that comes with a soothing breeze... enjoy your saturday[/tagline] [column width="3" offset=""][toggle active="active" title="Gossip Girl Scene"]Love this outfit of S & B!! One of my favorite shows gone! Miss it so much! I think that I was always a bigger fan of Blair but I always wished I had Serena's wardrobe...isn't Serena wearing the perfect Parisian attire?? The skirt is marvelous and the fedora really fits the look along with the Oxford...[/toggle][/column]

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="4832,4833,4830,4831"] [tagline] Crewcuts Mochila Bag... Soludos Espadrilles...Elephant Keychain...Leather Watch...[/tagline]