The Lovely Things

Hello there!! hope every one is having a lovely Monday!! I know I am and not because I'm back to work again but because today I am getting my hair colored!! How exciting!! Also getting it trimmed a tad because it is to the point where it almost touches my butt! (not really). I have really been thinking about cutting short but then I think back and how hard and how loooong it took for it to grow out that I really thing not. I have to enjoy it long for some time and maybe in about a year try the short again. What say you? are you one of those who is constantly changing their hairstyle? If you are good for you! you are one brave one!!!alright here are a few Lovely Things!

xo, Samira [tagline]

hair do of the week!!!

[/tagline] I love this braid!! I really wish I could do this to my hair but my hair being so thick it makes it impossible to hold. I think every girl should braid their hair at least once a week or as many times as possible. (media via [tagline]

Healthy Lunch

[/tagline] Do you go to lunch every day and regret what you had??? I do. I never seem to eat the right meal for lunch and no matter how many times I tell myself I will do better tomorrow I never do. So starting today I will start with this sandwich from Fitness Magazine TM&BWRAP [tagline]

Weekly Outfits

[/tagline] Am I happy that it is finally fall??? Oh yes I am!! Fall is my favorite season!!!!! it is not super hot and it is not super cold yet so it is just perfectly in between! 2013-09-19 001 022 I swear I wear this denim jacket every day but it is such a versatile item in anyone's closet that it is a must item to own... 2013-09-19 001 010 this skirt! who loves pockets?? who loves a skirt with pockets??? I know I get ya!! we all do and don't we just wish all skirts had them! [tagline]


[/tagline] I love wearing a strong lipstick but I love a matte look even more... you can of course just buy a matte lipstick but sometimes you need a little more... here are some tip from Lucky Magazine (one of my Favs!) mattelip