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poppies[tagline]I saw this photograph and I just fell in love with it! I think this is the kind of place I would love to live in. I love the glow of the pavement... today surely is a beautiful day! sunny with a breeze that caresses your cheeks and just makes you want to lay down outside and enjoy a nap or just close your eyes and if you have trees around your home the better. You can't ask for a better shade that comes with a soothing breeze... enjoy your saturday[/tagline] [column width="3" offset=""][toggle active="active" title="Gossip Girl Scene"]Love this outfit of S & B!! One of my favorite shows gone! Miss it so much! I think that I was always a bigger fan of Blair but I always wished I had Serena's wardrobe...isn't Serena wearing the perfect Parisian attire?? The skirt is marvelous and the fedora really fits the look along with the Oxford...[/toggle][/column]

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="4832,4833,4830,4831"] [tagline] Crewcuts Mochila Bag... Soludos Espadrilles...Elephant Keychain...Leather Watch...[/tagline]

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Biennial Satchel

I remember talking about this satchel a while back (here) and being so upset because I thought that I was probably not going to be able to acquire my satchel.  I did the unthinkable! I saved money to get me that precious bag and I couldn't be more delighted! It was a whimsical purchase and when I got that J.Crew box on the fronts steps I was jumping up and down like a little kid.


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J.Crew, Clinique, and L.L. Bean

Chilling and sipping some coffee... [divider] [spotlight image_url="$ary_tn250$" image_align="right"]

Tippi Sweater In Polka Dot

Spotted:a playful take on our beloved Tippi, peppered with larger-than-life dots (they're intarsia knit into the sweater instead of on top—a much more difficult and time-consuming process but totally worth it)! and hey it's on sale!!!

[/spotlight] [divider] A little beauty inspiration from the lovely Jessica Timberlake... [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="right"]

Lid Smoothie

Lick-oriceCreamy, crease-resistant eye colour wears for 8 hours. Instantly cools thanks to a unique applicator. Nourishing ingredients coax fine lid lines into a blanket of smoothness. Antioxidants help protect eye-area skin.

[/spotlight] [divider] and of course the L.L. Bean boots [divider] [spotlight image_url=",0,1950,2250&scl=7.587548638132295&id=1ETftL3OTkT6Xxz_TS00wY" image_align="right"]

Women's Bean Boots

The original and still the bestSewn from premium full-grain leather!, Leather upper sheds rain and snow, Supportive steel shank and rubber chain-tread bottom - L.L. Bean


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Ice Cream

vs 022 Yummy!! I love eating ice cream, milkshakes, and mocha frappes. I usually just eat my ice cream plain but sometimes you want to add a little fun and add some flavor. Usually I always have frozen coffee cubes for when I want to make me a frappe. Thus the straws, I don't use a straw when only eating ice cream. [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="right"]

Made in Spain

Siena Glass Mug these classic café mugs combine an elegant design with the near indestructibility of tempered glass. Use them to serve coffee, latte, cappuccino, tea – even mulled cider.

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="left"]

Red Straws

W + P DESIGN BARWARE COLLECTION Party perfect. Create cocktails in style with these handsome bar tools by Brooklyn-based W + P Design. Inspired by vintage Americana, they're perfect for adding a hit of southern comfort to your home bar.


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Table Setting

When having friends over one wants set the table as nicely as possible. I love this table here and this is some thing that I would use for inspiration to give that special occasion a unique feeling. So, I have compiled a few things that I love from some of my favorite online shops. Get ready for a post overload of items! [divider] [spotlight image_url="" image_align="right"]


CASKATA BIRDS AND BRANCHES Designed with the idea that you'll love them enough to use them everyday, each Caskata piece is crafted by the hands of a skilled artisan. Caskata uses the finest bone china and creamy white translucent porcelain (imported from Thailand) - they're delicate to look at but strong enough to last a lifetime. Decorated in lead-free glazes and 23 karat gold and platinum.

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="$$browseThreeUp$$" image_align="left"]

table runner

Silken Stripes Table Runner An elegant addition to any table, this striking, eco-conscious runner is made from eri silk – a vegan-friendly production that, unlike the traditional method, does not involve boiling the silk worm in its cocoon, but rather waits until the moth has emerged. It is then hand-reeled on locally produced bamboo looms by indigenous Bodo women, who incorporate traditional design elements and ancient techniques.

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="$$browseThreeUp$$" image_align="right"]

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Napkin Greeting dinner guests with a warm welcome, a hand calligraphied “Bon Appetit” is screenprinted in classic navy on this natural linen napkin from Linea Carta.

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="$browse$" image_align="left"]

pretty straws

Birch Bark Straws Invite the outdoors to your table with these cleverly adorned paper straws. Each straw is patterned with food safe ink to resemble the curling bark of a birch tree. Biodegradable and compostable, these straws are eco-friendly and certain to be a conversation piece at any gathering.

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="$$RD2012_category_item$$" image_align="right"]

Red Wine

Frosted Panes Red Wine Glass Get ready to have wine is one special, unique wine glass!

[/spotlight] [divider] [spotlight image_url="$$RD2012_category_item$$" image_align="left"]

Something Different

Seaborne Flatware These may not be fancy enough for your table but they are quite special!!


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[divider] Wow!! It is friday! yay!! okay I had to say just how excited I am that it is Friday. Moving on to what I want to talk about today. For some time now I have wanted to acquire a tray to put on my dresser for my most used items (brushes, lipsticks, cotton, etc.). I came across a few but none really capture my attention. So what I decided to do is take down my frames that were hanging atop my headboard and used them as trays!! Love it!!!

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My Super New Glasses

Hello there! and Happy Monday!! hooray! the start of a new week is always refreshing!! But alright to the point!! I recently received a gift, my super new Glasses from Firmoo, which I adore!!. I was not sure about my decision with the frame I picked but thanks to the virtual try-on system I knew I had selected the right ones for me.

Firmoo has a great and wide variety of styles to pick from! And that is not all the best thing is that they have a first pair free program! Yes!! I know, super great! All you need to do is head over [button link="" size="small"]here[/button] and select the style that fits you face shape.

Top - (similar) | Skirt - Talbolts | Glasses - c/o Firmoo

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Bevel Trunk Shows

I am so happy to announce Bevel Trunk Shows's website launches today @ 12:00 pm!! Bevel will be showcasing designers such as Peppercotton, Dorus Mhor, Sabi Collection, and Nettie Kent. These will be four (4) trunk shows that will only consist of 200 pieces by each designer that will be made-to-order.  Bevel offers online exclusive designs by independent designers who have partnered with Bevel to première some of their first collections.  Each Trunk Show is only available for a limited time.


Bevel provides these designers with a chance to showcase and sell their designs directly to you through an online trunk show - Bevel

[divider] Bevel offers free shipping and free returns! More of Bevel [button link="" size="small"]Bevel Facebook Page[/button] [button link="" size="small"]Bevel on Twitter[/button] [button link="" size="small"]Bevel on Instagram[/button] [button link="" size="small"]Bevel Blog[/button]

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A Cup

Coffee Mugs

Due to drinking coffee so many times a day I really enjoy drinking from a cute mug, colorful and with meaning just so that it brightens my day and that pleasant moment whilst drinking coffee with Irish Creme

[divider] [one_third] [/one_third] [one_third] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [/one_third_last]


Showing some love for Anthropologie again. I love their selection of mugs and glassware as well because they have the cutest most whimsical selection you can imagine. The variety is impeccable and the colors and designs are exquisite!

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A beanie desire... it is that time of the year when we get to wear those cute little fluffy things on our heads!

[divider] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Patterned Pom Pom Beanie[/button] [/one_third] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Hat In Dusty Rose[/button] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [button link="" size="small"]Feline Beanie[/button] [/one_third_last]

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Satchels and Bags

Satchels, totes, bags, and bags. I seem to never have enough of them. I recently talked to you about my Aldo handheld bag that I love. I have also told you about my dream satchel from J.Crew that hopefully soon I will have in blue.

Hey but that is not all, there are other bags that I love and Madewell has the perfect winter collection along with J.Crew of course. The only problem with these beautiful bags is how $$$ they are. What a shame right?? But that is no problem there are other pretty bags out there less $ than these. [divider] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Aldo Tinnin Lock Shopper[/button] [/one_third] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Asos Bow Smart Bag[/button] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [button link="" size="small"]Asos Smart Front Strap Bag[/button] [/one_third_last] [divider] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Mango Patent Tote[/button] [/one_third] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Mango Shoulder Bag[/button] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [button link="" size="small"]Mango Bowling Bag[/button] [/one_third_last] [divider] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Zara Metallic Clasp Bag[/button] [/one_third] [one_third] [button link="" size="small"]Zara Shopper Basket[/button] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [button link="" size="small"]Zara Messenger Bag[/button] [/one_third_last]


Hatton Garden - the heart of London's jewellery trade

[button link="" size="small"]PAVÉ DIAMOND NECKLACE[/button] [button link="" size="small"]MOTHER OF PEARL PENDANT[/button] [button link="" size="small"]LEAF COLLIER NECKLACE[/button]

Hatton Garden in London has been at the heart of the jewellery trade in the UK for centuries. Conveniently situated in central London, it has become the destination of choice for discerning jewellery buyers and many of the shops are able to offer an online service.

The breadth of choice on offer is outstanding. Because many of the jewellery shops buy vintage and antique pieces as well as creating their own; shoppers can find almost any style of jewellery for sale. For that truly special, one-of-a-kind piece, Hatton Garden is the place to find expert jewellery designers from established talents to the most creative and innovative newcomers.

Although Hatton Garden is most famous for its diamonds and in particular for engagement rings; buyers can find or commission pieces in almost any combination of metal and gemstone. As well as rings, there are plenty of other jewellery styles available including necklaces, brooches, and earrings.

Part of the modern appeal of Hatton Garden, is that quality jewellery is possibly the world’s most beautiful investment. Precious metals always carry value. As well as different colours of gold, there are also pieces available in silver and platinum. Alternatively buyers can choose to commission jewellery in other metals such as titanium.

Similarly, well-cut gemstones have been prized for thousands of years. While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they are popular with men too. Part of the reason for their enduring appeal is their unparalleled versatility. Diamonds work perfectly as solitaire stones or as embellishments to precious metals. They can be the only type of gem used or can compliment (and be complimented by) any other stone. Luscious, milky peals and iridescent opals partner with diamonds as perfectly as the bold, passionate stones such as ruby, sapphire and emerald.

In addition to the quality and range of the jewellery available, Hatton Garden is well worth a visit for its architecture and history. The name refers to Sir Christopher Hatton, who was granted a lease of the area by Elizabeth I in the 16th Century. At the time the area literally was a garden however as London expanded such a desirable location inevitably attracted development until now only street names such as Vine Hill and Saffron Hill give a clue to its past. The area has always attracted famous faces from Dickens to modern-day celebrities and so a visit there is an opportunity to rub shoulders with them, if only in spirit. [divider]

Other favorites

[button link="" size="small"]FLOWER PENDANT[/button] [button link="" size="small"]SUNSHINE NECKLACE[/button] [button link="" size="small"]BOUQUET PENDANT[/button]

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Autumn/Winter Items

Is anyone getting ready for Autumn? are you cleaning out your closet yet?? Well to be honest I really am not.  But I do tend to look in my drawer where I keep all of my Autumn/Winter accessories and contemplate them.  So ready for my favorite season, Autumn.

Last year, as I recall, I didn't wear tights throughout Autumn/Winter, why? No idea but I will most definitely will this year!


Autumn Accessory

Yes, I do realize that it is way too early to be wishing that Autumn gets here but could the days just not get shorter? and whilst the beanie is not a rotating accessory in my closet for some random reason I keep looking at ones I own and plan to wear them none stop for Autumn.

The reason why I always hesitate to wear beanies is that my hair is so thick and long that it feels like a bulk inside and I think I just look weird...does that happen to you?