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The Lovely Things

Hello there!! hope every one is having a lovely Monday!! I know I am and not because I'm back to work again but because today I am getting my hair colored!! How exciting!! Also getting it trimmed a tad because it is to the point where it almost touches my butt! (not really). I have really been thinking about cutting short but then I think back and how hard and how loooong it took for it to grow out that I really thing not. I have to enjoy it long for some time and maybe in about a year try the short again. What say you? are you one of those who is constantly changing their hairstyle? If you are good for you! you are one brave one!!!alright here are a few Lovely Things!

xo, Samira [tagline]

hair do of the week!!!

[/tagline] I love this braid!! I really wish I could do this to my hair but my hair being so thick it makes it impossible to hold. I think every girl should braid their hair at least once a week or as many times as possible. (media via [tagline]

Healthy Lunch

[/tagline] Do you go to lunch every day and regret what you had??? I do. I never seem to eat the right meal for lunch and no matter how many times I tell myself I will do better tomorrow I never do. So starting today I will start with this sandwich from Fitness Magazine TM&BWRAP [tagline]

Weekly Outfits

[/tagline] Am I happy that it is finally fall??? Oh yes I am!! Fall is my favorite season!!!!! it is not super hot and it is not super cold yet so it is just perfectly in between! 2013-09-19 001 022 I swear I wear this denim jacket every day but it is such a versatile item in anyone's closet that it is a must item to own... 2013-09-19 001 010 this skirt! who loves pockets?? who loves a skirt with pockets??? I know I get ya!! we all do and don't we just wish all skirts had them! [tagline]


[/tagline] I love wearing a strong lipstick but I love a matte look even more... you can of course just buy a matte lipstick but sometimes you need a little more... here are some tip from Lucky Magazine (one of my Favs!) mattelip

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Now that I am a little more into cooking I am also trying to like foods that I really dislike. That being said, mushrooms. I dislike mushroom like you have no idea. Now here they look so yummy that I have decided to try to make this. We'll see how it goes...

image via Pinterest

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Blake Lively - Vogue

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Today I am sharing this awesome video with you guys because I absolutely love it! I don't love to cook even though I am actually a great cook (ask my mother!) and this video just made me want to explore the kitchen a little more.  I wonder why??? I'll tell you why! it was Blake Lively! she looks in her zone here, so happy and smiling all the time, you just gotta love it! Let me know what you think! did she inspire you to become a great chef? awesome housewife? if you are married I mean...

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Food: Meals

I am in no way a food expert and to make it clear I don't very much enjoy cooking unless I am utterly by myself in the kitchen. Being surrounded by others while cooking just doesn't work for me. I love reading food blogs though, they inspire me to get in the kitchen get the pan out and just start creating a meal...which of course never happens. One of my favorite blogs is Roost. Love the food they make! Alright so what I wanted to do is share with you some inspirational meals that I hope to one day day. Let's start with ... [divider]


When you wake up in the morning, Pooh what is the first thing you say to yourself?

What is for breakfast? what do you say Piglet?

I wonder what is going to happen exciting today?

Pooh nodded thoughtfully, it is the same thing.

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Hand-Hammered Copper Saucepan- Lauded as the best of the best, hammered copper cookware has been the "queen of pans" since it first appeared in the sumptuous Renaissance courts.

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Chili is one of those meals that I really won't eat but all of my family eats it so I though it would be okay to share with you what they eat. I tried it because my sister kept on going on about how great it was and I have to say that it was rather good but beans are not something I eat so I just could not have it.

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My favorite Mexican food has to be Tamales. I love the traditional Veracruz style tamales because that is where I'm from and my mom makes the best TAmales. The last time we made tamales was actually a while back and we have craved them for a while but since making them is actually time-consuming we have not had the chance to indulge in such great meal. But the wait was over and here they are.

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Frappe Refreshment

With this heat wave what could be more refreshing that a Frappe??? Yeah I thought so... What I do is... I brew my favorite coffee and let it cool.  Once it is cool I put it in an ice cube container.  I use three to four coffee cubes and two scoops of chocolate ice cream! Yummy... I add some milk and blend!! ta dah!!! Chocolate Frappe!!!

I like to use ice cream from Publix because I simply think it is the best out there and I measure the coffee cubes, milk, and ice cream in an ice cream glass before blending to tentatively size it.

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Refried Bean Fritas

My healthiest meal of the day I have to say is lunch.  I'm grateful that I have an hour for lunch and that I live across the street from my job.  That gives me an advantage and therefore I have no excuse to not prepare a healthy meal.  I really try to make lunch my heavy meal of the day so that later for dinner I have something light before heading to bed.

My favorite lunch meal is Fritas, which are fried tortillas covered in a layer of refried beans and garnished with queso fresco.  This time I opted for refried beans instead of the usual salsa.

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Night for Pancakes

Every now and day we have the unusual for dinner, Pancakes!! I love pancakes it is a shame I can only eat max three no more.  I've got to say that my pancakes are not perfectly round and fluffy, I just can't do that just yet.  But do they really have to be all perfectly round? No!

We decided to make them for dinner, which is kind of new.  We are not accustomed to that only because they are too heavy of meal for nights but once in a while won't hurt.  Now, there nothing special to our pancakes.  I follow the recipe from the box but instead of using 1 tbsp of oil I like to use unsalted butter.  Yummy!! Right!?

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Chicken and Pasta

I'm not a very big fan of tomato sauce and very rarely do I eat spaghetti but this meal was delicious! I love chicken and along with the seasoned potatoes it was great! During the week we are not accustomed to having big dinners we usually just have a bowl of cereal or either something rather light.  But every now and then we like to pamper ourselves.

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White Frosting Chocolate Cake

Hmm... Yes chocolate makes everyday better.  This chocolate cake was so good!  We had company over the weekend so for dessert we opted for a delicious chocolate cake.  For our entré we had chiles rellenos and they were just a bit spicy, which made me happy!  We usually just have the naked chocolate cake but this time around we wanted to do something different.

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Fresh Corn & Chicken Chowder

Chowder is not a meal I am fond of but this recipe really changed my mind.  I always try to find recipes that are super easy to make and don't require a lot of time.  My mother was the one that insisted on me making this because she loves it.  This would actually be the first time I ever make Chicken Chowder and let me tell it won't be the last as long as I have crushed red pepper for a little spice!

Fresh Corn and Chicken Chowder

12 ounces skinless, boneless chicken breast halves or chicken thighs 4 ears of fresh sweet corn 1 32-ounce container reduced-sodium chicken broth ½ cup green sweet pepper, chopped (1 small) * I used Jalapeños 1 cup milk 1 ¼ cups instant mashed potato flakes salt and black pepper, crushed red pepper (optional)

1. In Dutch oven combine chicken, corn, and broth.  Cover; bring to boiling over high heat.  Reduce heat.  Simmer 12 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink.  Remove chicken and corn to cutting board.

2. Add half the sweet pepper to broth in Dutch oven.  Stir in milk and potato flakes.  Shred chicken using 2 forks.  Return chicken to Dutch oven.  Using a kitchen towel to hold hot corn, cut kernels from cobs.  Place corn in Dutch oven; heat through.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  Sprinkle each serving with remaining sweet pepper and, if desired, crushed red pepper.  Makes 4 servings. Enjoy!!!!

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Frosted Cinnamon-Mocha Cookies

This would be the very first time I bake cookies from scratch.  I am more than satisfied with the result and it is not so hard to bake cookies actually.  I guess the pre-made store-bought dough is just not my thing because I always end up burning them.  I was very undecided when looking a my recipe book trying to decide what to bake.  I went for the for the Frosted Cinnamon-Mocha Cookies, that's a mouthful right there.  And yes, they are as good as they sound.

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Poblano Pasta with Shrimp

I can't believe the weekend is actually here.  This week really flew by, I must have been busy.  I love that, being busy and time flying.  Being bored and not busy is the worst state, in my opinion, it just feels miserable.  Well moving on, I decided to cook my favorite pasta.  I absolutely love the sauce, which is made with poblanos and cream.  It's not a spicy pasta the cream takes away the spiciness you could say but there is a hint of the poblanos that I love.  I like to eat mine with grilled shrimp seasoned with chili powder.  Happy Friday!!!

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Zucchini Bread

A friend of ours let us borrow a Breadmaker, which I think it is awesome.  Yesterday we made Zucchini bread and to my surprise it is not as bad as it sounds.  I love that all we have to do is mix the ingredients and pour them in the Breadmaker.  Easy steps.  The result is marvelous.  The bread is so tender, perfection!


Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

Ranch is my favorite dressing and I hate that when I am home and I have a salad the store-bought dressing just taste awful.  I found this Jalapeño Ranch Dressing in one of my magazines and when I read Jalapeño I knew I would love it.  I love spicy food so instead of using the salsa verde a used Habanero salsa.



One of my favorite snacks are chicharrones (fried wheat).  When I was younger and still living in Mexico I remember walking to the park and stopping by the street vendors and buying a chicharron.  These are the rectangular made ones so that once you fry them they get long.  I tried to look for a recipe but was unfortunate to not find one.  Sorry guys.


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Chocolate Cake! Yummy!

Chocolate Cake 001 Yummy!!! I love chocolate cake and this one was a super good one!  I was a little hesitant to try this Chocolate Beet Cake that Sandra baked because of the beet but I have to admit that when I saw it I had to try it!  She is a good baker unlike her little sister, I can't even really bake cookies but I can bake other things.  She got the recipe from Joy the Baker .

Chocolate Cake 002

Chocolate Cake 005

I think that the fronting was a little too sweet and think for my liking but it was really good.

Chocolate Cake 003


Pineapple and Chocolate

Hey there!! Had quite an amazing free time during the holidays.  I got to sleep in and rest and eat, watched movies, eat some more, drank cafe, and ate again.  Sounds like fun, huh???

My sister bakes so she made this for us.  Sooo good.  I don't like banana cake or anything but this Chocolate Banana cake was amazing!



Hi there! This is a Pistachio cake that my lovely sister baked last week.  Saying that it was great does not make it justice.  This cake was to die for!!!! I am sorry that I don't talk much about the process of the making of this cake but I really have no clue what so ever about this :(

All I can say is that it was delicious and everyone liked it.  We actually to this to some friends house who invited us over for dinner.  We never like to go empty-handed so we usually take dessert.  Before leaving my father was so hungry that he cut a piece of the cake and loved it so much that he cut about 1/4 of the cake to keep for himself!