The Top Knot

top_knot,pinterest, hair, inspiration, beautythe top knot is one of my favorite hair styles! it is super easy to style and it can be super sophisticated or just laid back. I love the messy version but at the same time love the put together version. the only negative thing for me about it is that my hair is coarse and after a few hours my head hurts due to the super high knot tied on my head...so totally worth it though


Tea Finally!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="4973,4974,4975,4976,4977,4978" orderby="rand"][tagline] Hace ya algún tiempo que tengo el deseo de disfrutar una buena taza de té. A pesar de ser una gran amante del café con leche ¡nunca he podido siquiera pasar un sorbo de te! En verdad que es lo más frustrante pues la verdad el aroma de te recién caliente me encanta. Te Ingles es la recomendación que más he recibido pues quiero que mi te sea fuerte y poder añadir leche con azúcar. Hace ya un par de días que tome mi primera taza y aunque no era Te Ingles de igual modo lo disfrute ¡que contenta![/tagline] tea,drinks,milk



denim_lace 013 Happy Monday to everyone!!! It has been a while since the last time I posted outfit photos, I don't even remember how long ago but a well here they are now. I love wearing this denim jacket of mine you can just wear it for any occasion okay maybe not a wedding... but for the most part yes. I wore this to work constantly a while back and I though I needed to give it a rest because I seriously wore it like every single day!

denim_lace 007 [tagline] something new too!! I got highlights or lowlights whatever they are called![/tagline] denim_lace 020 [tagline]

loving this video!!! anyone else addicted to Elettra's Goodness??? [/tagline]

I just ordered these and I can't wait to get them in the mail!!!!

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Lovely Bits

[tagline] Now that my hair is long I have wanted to do a really fancy up do and this is at the top of my list but I just think about having to wake up earlier to do this and I start forgetting how much I love it... [/tagline]
[tagline] this is one of the most beautiful photos I have seen...I love her dress!! and they look so happy sharing a special moment on the biggest day of their lives... [/tagline]
[tagline] black coffee always looks so appetising to me but I just can't drink it! I need my cream with coffee... [/tagline] images via pinterest & tumblr

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Places I want to go, Clothes I want to have

poppies[tagline]I saw this photograph and I just fell in love with it! I think this is the kind of place I would love to live in. I love the glow of the pavement... today surely is a beautiful day! sunny with a breeze that caresses your cheeks and just makes you want to lay down outside and enjoy a nap or just close your eyes and if you have trees around your home the better. You can't ask for a better shade that comes with a soothing breeze... enjoy your saturday[/tagline] [column width="3" offset=""][toggle active="active" title="Gossip Girl Scene"]Love this outfit of S & B!! One of my favorite shows gone! Miss it so much! I think that I was always a bigger fan of Blair but I always wished I had Serena's wardrobe...isn't Serena wearing the perfect Parisian attire?? The skirt is marvelous and the fedora really fits the look along with the Oxford...[/toggle][/column]

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="4832,4833,4830,4831"] [tagline] Crewcuts Mochila Bag... Soludos Espadrilles...Elephant Keychain...Leather Watch...[/tagline]

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Little Blue Table

Charleston_4.13 040 I want to imagine myself sitting here drinking a cup of coffee or tea reading a book, chatting with the girls and I think, what might we be chatting about? maybe just catching up, taking about boys, movies, music, even better! a book! [tagline]

[/tagline] [divider]

[lightbox_image first_image="yes" title="" url="http://laceandtulle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/KS_cup_saucer.png"] [tagline]I love this Kate Spade cup & saucer! ideal for drinking coffee or tea![/tagline] [lightbox_image first_image="no" title="" url="https://www.billycotton.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/165x/17f82f742ffe127f42dca9de82fb58b1/p/i/pitcher_1.jpg"][tagline]I love this Pitcher! It looks like something Jane Austin might have owned![/tagline] (images: 1-taken by me, 2-Katespade.com, 3-Billycotton.com)

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Tom & Cara

take-two-07_142715531381 hmm look at that... I have a tiny crush! Tom is the most amazing actor out there in my opinion. The guy can really act and that voice just melts you (it surely melts me!). When I saw this editorial in Vogue I was so pleased with the photographs and the model (Cara). I loved the story and the scenery as well as their attire. Tom sure looks fine... so does Cara ;) take-two-04_142712757496

take-two-02_142711363205 [divider]

[divider] take-two-01_142710614102

I think that I will treasure this post forever...

(images via vogue.com)

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Lonny the Magazine

There is no doubt that one of my most recent favourite magazines is Lonny. I have known about this online magazine for a while now but have never really taken the time to read it. I usually just browse through their home galleries. The have some of the most beautiful spaces imaginable.

I was so excited when I read this article!! I just came back from Charleston and to see this home that I was dreaming of owning whilst walking through the colorful homes that are just so enchanting and filled with history.

(images via Lonny.com)

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Things that Make Me Smile

Smile Moments 008 Are you into The Honest Company yet? I surely am. I also started reading The Honest Life by Jessica Alba and I am enjoying her book so much. I ordered the trial bundle and so far I love my five trial products. I recommend you take some time and browse their site. Smile Moments 006

see that!! It is my newest toy and I love it!!! makes my life so much easier and I love that it is compatible with Windows 8, which I love!

Smile Moments 005

I drink coffee every single day about three cups per day sometimes even five! and whilst I would love to go to Starbucks everyday to get me my coffee that is just not possible($$$!!!) but I try to stop by at least once a week for a Frappe! I love their Hazelnut Macchiato

Smile Moments 004

This baby I love! you knew that...

Smile Moments 003

I love my phone too I cannot live without it!

Smile Moments 001

I have started to wear my running shoes more and more often and I don't go running, I just wear them... shame


Coffee Break

ann2013 003 Oh how much I love this coffee and I don't think that it is the best but every single time I go to Olive Garden I swear I have like five cups of coffee! Just can't help it! Makes my day better! Coffee lover here people! Thanks for reading!

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[gallery columns="2" ids="4150,4147"] Letters to Juliet and Leap Year without doubt are two of my favorite movies ever. I can watch them many times feel like it was the first time I have seen them. I think that my favorite is Leap Year. I have been in love with Matthew Goode ever since Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore.. (sigh) his accent. All he has to do is talk and I'm drooling. So this week you know what I'll be watching





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