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The Lovely Things

Hello there!! hope every one is having a lovely Monday!! I know I am and not because I'm back to work again but because today I am getting my hair colored!! How exciting!! Also getting it trimmed a tad because it is to the point where it almost touches my butt! (not really). I have really been thinking about cutting short but then I think back and how hard and how loooong it took for it to grow out that I really thing not. I have to enjoy it long for some time and maybe in about a year try the short again. What say you? are you one of those who is constantly changing their hairstyle? If you are good for you! you are one brave one!!!alright here are a few Lovely Things!

xo, Samira [tagline]

hair do of the week!!!

[/tagline] I love this braid!! I really wish I could do this to my hair but my hair being so thick it makes it impossible to hold. I think every girl should braid their hair at least once a week or as many times as possible. (media via [tagline]

Healthy Lunch

[/tagline] Do you go to lunch every day and regret what you had??? I do. I never seem to eat the right meal for lunch and no matter how many times I tell myself I will do better tomorrow I never do. So starting today I will start with this sandwich from Fitness Magazine TM&BWRAP [tagline]

Weekly Outfits

[/tagline] Am I happy that it is finally fall??? Oh yes I am!! Fall is my favorite season!!!!! it is not super hot and it is not super cold yet so it is just perfectly in between! 2013-09-19 001 022 I swear I wear this denim jacket every day but it is such a versatile item in anyone's closet that it is a must item to own... 2013-09-19 001 010 this skirt! who loves pockets?? who loves a skirt with pockets??? I know I get ya!! we all do and don't we just wish all skirts had them! [tagline]


[/tagline] I love wearing a strong lipstick but I love a matte look even more... you can of course just buy a matte lipstick but sometimes you need a little more... here are some tip from Lucky Magazine (one of my Favs!) mattelip

Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

What makes my day every day when coming back home from work is being able to just sit down and have coffee. I like to sit at my desk get on my computer/iPhone/laptop/iPad whatever and browse the web. Also, I love when I get some free time and actually get to ready my favourite magazine not just flip through the pages. Hopefully one of these days I will have time to also get my nails done. I hate starting and only doing one hand and then look like an idiot because I didn't get a chance to do the other...

Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

What a week so far! It has been a dreadful week at work, hectic to say the least. Our offices are in the process of being remodeled and the dust that lingers through the hall and offices is not well welcomed. I hate the feeling, sensation that is left on my face due to all the dust.

Apart from that, I love that we are being remodeled!! yay!!! anyways here are something that are just lovely to me!! Chocolate!!

I Love these sunnies from Charming Charlie

I saw my friend wearing the cutest pin and I had to own my own!! love the one I got!! Not as cute as hers though...

Last but not least, my pencil holder!! love it!!!

Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

Today's Lovely Bits belong to Koko. My little friend here takes my breath away when he stares at me, like he is trying to tell me something. Beautiful moments like that cannot be described. I'm grateful to have this cute, white fluffy companion by my side... licking me at all times

Accessories, Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

Is he not adorable!!! When he comes in my room the first thing he does is look for the basket of dirty clothes and get in.  I guess it is super comfortable for him to sleep in it or maybe the smell of dirty clothes soothes him... hope is not the latter.

These are my friendship bracelets that I adore.  We got together one afternoon and after realizing that we didn't have a friendship "bracelet/ring" we decided to go for bracelets and we each picked one.

My favorite Jewelmint earrings that I don't wear because they are a bit huge and they hurt my ears

This is the best scent ever! It took me forever to pick one but after a while I went back to my first choice! I love Estee Lauder scents, the best!

A gift.  I love this pendant very much.  It has a very special place in my heart, so do you friend.

Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

I was so happy  that we finally got a Starbucks in my town, like finally!  and it's not just because of the coffee but the atmosphere and the lounging is great.  I love going in there with my friend or just my sister to catch up, do some work, or just to laugh.  Starbucks is not the only place where you can do this.  I am sure that in your hometown you have cafés where I'm sure you love to go to relax and pass the moment.  We have a few here but I have not been to explore yet.

Love having these glitter containers sitting on the edge of my window, which I keep open for natural light to come in.  When I open my door I look over and Hey! there they are shining!! I actually bought these to paint my nails and decorate them with glitter, which I did not carry out very well.

As of yet I still have not used my shipping tags.  It took me forever to find them, it really was a pain and I became  frustrated! When I really needed them and had ideas as how to design them I couldn't find them.  It seems that now that I have them those ideas have flown far away, how does that even happen?

I re-found this t-shirt a couple of weeks ago and was so delighted!! this t-shirt I got from dELiA*s a few years back and I was enamored with it when I saw it!! love the little horses with the printed hearts and the flowers.  It was a whimsical buy.  It was worth it! wore it like everyday.

Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

Finally! It is Friday, Happy Friday!! this week went by faster than I expected which is good but it just seems weird.  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, not really but I hope to get more sleep than this past week.  Here are a few little things that brighten my week! starting with those beautiful lights hanging from my mirror!

♥ Koko eating, I'm not sure what that is ♥

♥ Lipsticks currently in my purse ♥

♥ Camera bag!! I love it! it is the perfect size! ♥

♥ Tiny nail polish great for carrying in your purse ♥

Favorites, Lovely Bits

Lovely Bits

♥ view from the backyard ♥

My nose is still bothering me.  I'm seem to not get any better, which is not good, and this is really ruining my mood.  But Hey! Let's look at all the little things that make my day spring into being total awesomeness!

♥ fun rubber bands, clips, pins, and binder clips to brighten anyone's mood ♥

♥ Adult gummy vitamins, what would I do without them?! ♥

♥ subtle colors ♥

♥ candle cup holding my brushes ♥

♥ Adorable, He makes everyday wonderful with unconditional love ♥